Lone Wolf the Elder (Gui-pah-gho) (ca.1820–1879)

Lone Wolf the Elder (Gui-pah-gho) (ca.1820–1879) was the last Principal Chief of the Kiowa tribe.

He should not be confused with Lone Wolf II, a nephew named Mamay-day-te, nor Lone Wolf III, a young Kiowa boy whom he adopted.

The “Indian Territory”—or the place called “Oklahoma”—is where the great Kiowa Chief named Lone Wolf, the Elder (Gui-pah-gho), lived.

Prior to his death, Chief Dohauson (To-hauson), who unified and ruled the Kiowa for 33 years named his nephew Guipahgo (Lone Wolf) as his successor to become the Principal Chief of the Kiowa people.

Lone Wolf the Elder belonged to the Ka-it-senko Koitsenko, the highest-ranking society consisting of ten men picked for bravery and was the most elite warrior society of the Kiowa.

None was more respected or influential than Chief Lone Wolf, The Elder, better known to his people as Guipagho.

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