6 Beautiful Native Men Who Are Proud Of Their Culture (Part II)

Native American models and actors: much more than pretty faces – Part  II

1- Moses J. Brings Plenty is Oglala Lakota born on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota; he is fluent in the Lakota language, culture and traditions.

He is a gifted musician, actor, model and spokesperson. He dedicates much of his time traveling throughout the United States speaking on matters and issues that are close to his heart. As a Lakota, Moses lives and nurtures his vision for the future of tribal America.

Moses J. Brings Plenty 

Moses is an advocate for Indian elders and youth. He is proactive, and a visionary, about what he as a person, and as an artist, has to offer to the continuation and revitalization of his culture and traditions by giving presentations on the Lakota values of life.

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As a spiritual leader, he works toward helping the people through traditional ceremony and prayer to provide and build for the youth, a way of life that so many who have come before him have sacrificed to create. 

As an actor, he has worked in television, film and theatre. Film credits include: Rez Bomb, Hidalgo, Pirates of the Caribbean, The History Channel’s Comanche Warrior… 

2- Tatanka Means is an award-winning actor, stand-up comedian and motivational speaker from Chinle, Arizona. He represents the Oglala Lakota, Omaha and Navajo Nations. His most recent movie credits include feature films The Host, A Million Ways to Die in The West with director Seth Macfarlane, and in his role as “Wolf” in, Tiger Eyes, based upon the acclaimed novel by author, Judy Blume. His performance for this breakout role was well received including positive reviews from Rolling Stone Magazine. Means won Best Actor awards at multiple film festivals for this role. 

russell means

Tatanka’s ambition and perseverance has taken him from his home on the reservation to traveling across North America. He has become a much-needed role model for all American Indian First Nations youth. Tatanka is proud to be a sober performer. 

Tatanka Means 

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