Horse Who Loves To Play Fetch “Loses His Mind” When Mom Gives Him A Giant Ball

Ficcochino is a 5-year-old dressage horse who spends most of his time practicing for this demanding equestrian sport.

He is a disciplined boy and always works hard to make the best team with his owner.

But when he’s not training, there’s another game that he loves to bits – and that is playing fetch!

Source: Lori Bell/YouTube

Ficcochino’s mom knows that her horse needs a break from time to time. So whenever she sees him practicing too hard, she shows up with his favorite ball and invites him to play fetch.

But soon, normal-sized balls turned out to be too small for the horse. So Mom eventually decided to get Ficcochino his own giant ball!

Source: Lori Bell/YouTube

In this video, we see Mom presenting Ficcochino with the large ball while he’s still training.

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The overwhelmed horse goes nuts with happiness and hilariously runs to caress the ball with his cheek.

He ditches his dressage practice and adorably grabs the ball with his forelegs as he passes it to Mom and begs her to play fetch!

What a goof!

Source: Lori Bell/YouTube

As we watch Ficcochino having the time of his life with his own king-sized ball, we can’t help but see him as an oversized puppy frolicking around!

His ridiculously cute ball adventure has totally brightened up our day!

Click the video below to watch Ficcochino having a blast playing with his new ball!

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