Horse Chases After Ambulance That’s Transporting Her Ill Friend

Animal Aid Unlimited came across a collapsed horse and loaded her into the ambulance for rescue. As they sped to the hospital, they noticed another horse chasing them from behind.

This little red pony was a friend and wasn’t going to let the ill horse go alone…

Sadly, the horse was in critical condition with a twisted intestine and could not be saved. Belle, the red mare, was devastated. But then the pony took notice of Sukie, another horse staying at the Animal Aid shelter.

She was blind and surrendered by her owner and in need of companionship, and that’s exactly what Belle would provide—And it came at the perfect time of need for the both of them! 🙂

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  1. June 7, 2023

    […] Cruise the horse is a very appreciative audience to his Marty Calhoun’s flute playing and has the cutest reaction every time his dad plays a piece of native american music. […]

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