Abandoned newborn girl saved by puppies cuddling her to keep her warm

The little unfortunate baby was left on a cold night, but thanks to the wonderful puppies she survived.

This little girl was found in the Indian province of Chhattisgarh, more precisely in a field in a village called Lormi.

After hearing the sounds of crying, people living in the area approached and saw a baby surrounded by small puppies. The puppies took care of her as much as they could.

Thanks to the mother of these puppies, who everyone believes was the first to reach the baby and warmed her with its body, and the puppies, the little girl was completely unharmed.

When people from that place found this unfortunate baby, they immediately contacted the health department. After that, the baby ended up being examined at the hospital in order to fully establish her health.

Everyone thinks that the heat produced by puppies with their bodies is responsible for saving the life of this newborn child.

The night the little girl was lying outside was extremely cold. So without these amazing puppies nothing would be the same. Fortunately, everything ended well. The girl was later given the name Akanksha.

Police and important people immediately found out about this when it happened.

The cops are actually people who took the little baby to the doctor at the hospital to be examined afterwards to determine if she was completely healthy.

The man who lives in that place considers the parents of this baby to be criminals. It is a real blessing that this little girl survived the night. Since many stray animals always roam the woods at that time.

Police are now doing their job and trying to find the parents of the rescued girl.

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