Amazing Native American Nez Perce Horse Regalia by Quillwork Artist (10 Pictures)

The Nez Perce Indians, who call themselves Ni Mii Puu (pronounced Nee Mee Poo) meaning The People, have been on this land for thousands of years.

They roamed over hundreds of square miles hunting, gathering berries, fishing, and digging for roots while living here.

 The horse was acquired in the 1760s and the Nez Perce became excellent breeders of the well-known Appaloosa Horse.

The Lewis and Clark Expedition left their horses with Chief Twisted-Hair in the fall of 1805 while they continued to the Pacific Coast by canoe.

When expedition returned in the spring of 1806, the Nez Perce helped geld stallions. The Corps found the Indian method superior to theirs.

The process was quicker and less stressful for the horse and survival. The survival rate was much better.

About Artist: Angela Swedberg makes original Plains and Plateau style Indian art, based on 19th century aesthetics and use authentic materials that were available in that time frame (1820-1900).

She also restore and do conservation work of antique Indian art. She is a tribally certified Indian Artisan in accordance with the Indian Arts and Crafts act of 1990.

Photos Credit: Angela Swedberg
The entire set of gear was made using very traditional materials, design, methods and techniques which would have been used during the last quarter of the 19th century on Plateau Horse gear.

Blackfoot mask 



Cayuse Horse Mask

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