Cat Refuses to Let Baby Sleep Alone – Surprising Reason Leads to a Call to Police

Jennifer and Julian’s home situation was very normal until Jennifer gave birth to a beautiful daughter. Ever since that moment, their family cat Luna shook things up completely. Luna would not let their daughter sleep alone, and when they got separated she would not stop meowing. When Julian realized what was going on he got the shock of his life.

cat and baby

There are a lot of families that would want to raise their children with pets. But then he immediately called the police and they came with every available officer…

When the first police officer arrived he could not believe what he was witnessing. How could a cat have noticed this? He told Julian that he should be very happy with such an observant cat. Deep down Julian knew that he had screwed up, he should have been the one protecting his daughter…

police officers

Asking questions When you are being questioned by authorities, sometimes your natural response would involve fear and shock since you know that you haven’t done anything wrong.

Within minutes at least a dozen more police cars arrived at the scene. They immediately started asking questions to both Julian and Jennifer. The couple was in shock, they had no idea of the gravity of the situation until now.

The fact that the authorities were bombarding the family with questions, becomes disturbing since you have no clue as to why you are being questioned. Imagine trying to be forced into answering something you have no idea the reason behind you are being questioned and expected to answer the truthfully.

What the officers came for was disturbing for sure. But the fact that it already started when Jennifer was pregnant was even more alarming. They had trusted the wrong people. But why did Luna refuse to let their daughter sleep alone? And what did Julian eventually figure out that such a large police presence was necessary?

Before anything else or even before pets and animals were involved, the first thing Julian and Jennifer wanted to experience is bringing new life into their dull world. When they finally got what they hoped for, everything was going according to plan. Then again, what else could go wrong when everything was falling into place?

t all started when Jennifer was finally pregnant, they both wanted this for a very long time. However, there was something that was bugging both of them, their cat Luna. They were hesitant about her reaction to the baby.

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