Mom Leaves Baby Alone With Daddy, Then Returns To Find Her Face Completely Different

Leaving a baby alone with a particularly humorous or mischievious parent or guardian might not always go the way you expect, but it’s safe to say that some hilarious antics will ensue in the time you’ve been away!

When Emily’s mom left her at home alone with her dad, Bartosz, she might not have been expecting a completely conventional babysitting experience to come from it, but she likely didn’t think that this funny moment would happen, either!

Image Credit: YouTube

Emily was minding her own business – as much as a baby can, anyway – and lying on her tummy while watching Dad, when Bartosz came up with a funny idea to dress up his little girl. All it took was a little bit of black paper and some scissors, and voila – he’d created the perfect costume masterpiece!

Upon attaching the newly crafted costumes to her face, Bartosz couldn’t help but laugh out loud at how funny she looked! Emily, finding it funny that Dad was laughing, began to giggle and gurgle earnestly in turn. Before long, the two have erupted into adorable and infectious laughter!

Image Credit: YouTube

Want to know what it was that Bartosz stuck on Emily’s face that caused such laughter? I wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise for you! Check out the video Dad took while fooling around during his babysitting duties.

Mom is sure going to be in for a surprise when she comes home and sees how Emily looks now! Share away, people!

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