Chinese man spends $400K to buy Slaughterhouse and saves 2,000 dogs.

Former millionaire goes into debt establishing animal shelter to save hundreds of dogs from the slaughterhouse

In order to save hundreds of dogs from the slaughterhouse, a former Changchun millionaire has gone broke founding an animal rescue center that helps to find local strays a loving home.

chinese millionaire

29-year-old Wang Yan, from Gelong town in Jilin province, once had a net worth of several million yuan. But he has since given it all away, in a journey that started one day in 2012 when his beloved pet pooch went missing.

“I went looking everywhere, but all to no avail,” he remembers. “Finally someone let me go into the slaughterhouse to try my luck there.”

According to Sina News, Wang hung around the slaughterhouse for a week, but was unable to find his lost dog. Instead, he found scenes of bloody slaughter that he was unable to shake from his mind. After that experience, Wang used his fortune to buy the slaughterhouse and establish an animal shelter inside an abandoned steel factory. Over time, he gradually built up the shelter, finding more and more homes for strays.

“Right now, we only have 215 dogs,” he said. “The most we’ve had at one time is 1,000, many of them have been adopted.”

Wang Yan and his family spend a lot of time in the station, feeding the dogs and clean their shelter every day.

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