Myths about cats – what is true and what is not

cat myths

Myths about cats are numerous and very ingrained in our society. Do you think you know the mystical feline world well? Think again and give up the stupid myths we will expose here.

Myths about cats – nonsense that people believe
Black cats carry misfortune
Some are very frightened when a black cat crosses their path. The myth of how black cats are the bearers of misfortune is total nonsense and nonsense (and in fact the most widespread myth in our country). It is interesting that in some other parts (for example in Japan) the black cat brings only happiness. In Germany they look from which direction it came. If it approaches from the left, then it is ok. If it comes from the right side, then bad times await you.

Cats do not like water

Although we often hear and see in the media and movies that cats do not like water, the real truth is that some people love it very much and enjoy swimming. Probably most cats do not like cold water, because then it takes them a long time to dry all the layers of fur. In addition, wet fur is much heavier than dry, so they can’t escape quickly if they need to.

Cats don’t like people

Most will say that the dog is an ideal pet for those owners who want the animal to love them, and that cats do not like people anyway. Then why are cats under stress when the owner is gone and has left them enough resources they need for life and replacement attention? Don’t they show the same attachment to their owners, just in their own way?

Cats are always welcomed on their feet

Cats are ALMOST always greeted on their feet and do not injure themselves when jumping. But to some extent. Veterinary clinics are full of cats jumping or falling from a window that is not protected by a net or fence, and these injuries can then be life-threatening.

Cats have 9 lives

Yes, cats can get out of a variety of situations – they are smart, fast and agile. But just having exactly nine lives is total nonsense. In Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare mentions this number, and the ancient Egyptians worshiped them as goddesses – so many myths arose about cats at that time.

Cats drink milk

Cats MUST NOT drink cow’s milk, they get diarrhea from it. They must be learned from it, and it is best to dilute it with water. Kittens drink their mother’s, cat’s milk or are given a special formula for feeding.

Cats are happiest when left alone

Cats live solitary lives, but that doesn’t mean they don’t like company. They can be part of the day alone, but they will enjoy life with their owner, watching what he does around the house, playing and cuddling.

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