What nuts are dogs allowed to eat?

Due to their high content of fiber, protein and healthy fats, nuts are an excellent type of snack – for humans.

What Nuts Can Dogs Eat?

On the other hand if you have a pet dog you have to be very careful in what kind of these fruits you give them. There are those that dogs are allowed to eat, although it should be on special occasions and in very small quantities. Too many of these snacks can lead to obesity or dehydration.


In fact, all nuts are risky for dogs. This is primarily due to the fat content in them and the fact that in addition, dogs can easily choke by eating them carelessly. There are several types of nuts that you can sporadically give to your pet. While on the other hand some are very toxic and can create permanent problems in the dog’s body if swallowed.

WALNUT – This fruit can be offered to a dog in small quantities. You should definitely make sure that this is an unsalted variant.

CHESTNUT – Although chestnuts are safe for a dog, they are not the best snack for him because if a dog swallows an unchewed chestnut too quickly, it can be difficult for him to digest it later.

PEANUTS – Plain unsalted peanuts are safe for the dog. It actually belongs to the order of legumes such as peas and lentils. You should offer your dog peanuts without the shell. Peanut butter should be avoided because it contains an artificial sweetener that is toxic to dogs.

PISTACHI – Also, this fruit is safe for your dog, but in small quantities. You should definitely offer the dog pistachios in a peeled edition, because otherwise you would risk cuts in his oral cavity.


ALMONDS – Although not toxic to dogs, almonds are not recommended as a treat for your dog. If two or three almonds fall out of the bowl on the floor and your dog eats them, watch him carefully while he chews them because he could easily choke.

BRAZILIAN WALNUTS – Due to the extremely high fat content, it is advisable to avoid feeding the dog this type of walnut. Also, Brazil nuts pose a threat to the digestive tract of smaller breeds.

HAZELNUTS – Just like almonds, hazelnuts are shaped in a way that creates a high risk of suffocation in dogs.

MACADAMIA – This type of walnut is extremely toxic to dogs. If they are eaten by dogs, they will feel strong shivering, weakness, and even paralysis of the limbs and inflammation of the joints. Be sure to call your veterinarian if you suspect your dog has eaten this nut.

WALNUTS – This type of nut poses a great danger to the dog because it is irregular in shape and creates digestive blockages in the body.

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