What A Wonderful Blessing – Rare Baby Donkey Twins Are Born On An Oklahoma Farm

Babies are usually wonderful news for animals. Two babies are even cuter. However, one pair of newborn donkeys is making news because they are so incredibly uncommon. Only 1.5% of donkey mares give birth to twins.

On August 25, Saundra Traywick’s female donkey Belle gave birth to the unusual twins, a male and a girl. They were given the names Trampas and Betsy in honor of two characters from The Virginian, a western television series. The Traywick, according to KOKH, have been assisting Belle with nursing her infants. Much though donkey twins are already extremely uncommon, it is crucial to monitor their health because it is even less frequent for them to live into maturity. Both infants are feeding and appear to be doing well, despite the fact that the female is supposedly smaller and weaker than the boy. ,,It is now looking well.” Saundra told KOKH. She told FOX: ,,It’s a great, huge benefit for our farm and so much joy to have them here.”

Contrary to popular belief, the farm has had twin donkeys before; another set of twin donkeys was born five years ago, and they are still thriving strong. At the time, we were unaware that it was an oddity. We said: ,,Oh look, twins!” Saundra said to KOKH. A crucial component of Saundra’s business, Dulce de Donkey, which offers donkey milk and skin care items, is the donkeys reared on the farm.

Donkey milk, according to Saundra, has positive health effects. She distributes her product to kids with medical problems through the charity Hee Haw for Health. Such a rare arrival is such a lovely surprise.

We hope that these adorable newborn twin donkeys fare well in the future.

Share this wonderful news of Trampas and Betsy. Welcome to the world!

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