Penguin couple spotted romanticly holding hands

Love is grand even in the penguin 🐧🐧 world 🌍😍

I want love like them!❤️❤️

An video of a penguin couple holding hands while walking along the beach in South Africa. It’s such a romantic scene that makes all lonely souls jealous.

The pair strolls alongside each other. They even stop to glance at each other for a moment. Time seems to stop for minutes there.
It turns out, happiness is simple.

These beautiful moments were captured by Norma Landeros-Ramirez after she and her husband while were on their honeymoon. The penguin couple’s sweet gesture got them astonished. The newlywed hoped that they could also go through peaceful days together like the penguins.

As you may know, penguins are incredibly loyal birds. The bond between the male and female is so strong. Gentoos, the most loyal and monogamous species in the penguin, pair up with the same partner in every mating season to almost 90%.
Penguins mate for life. They are tend to be monogamous💖

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