A Woman Set Up A Photo Booth For Birds In Her Yard, And The Results AMAZING!!

Birds have always been a symbol of freedom. Due to their ability to fly, they seem so inaccessible and mysterious. Fortunately, there is a way to come face to face with nature and explore these feathered creatures in their natural setting without scaring them off or harming them.

Fox, who signs on the network with the nickname Ostdrossel , has always been fond of nature and birds. Therefore, when she moved from the USA to Germany, she really wanted to get as close to nature as possible. She began looking for ways to make this possible, and the result was thousands of stunning bird species with their funny expressions, powerful postures and sometimes insane behavior.

Experimenting with different types of food to attract birds, Lisa has set up a photo booth that helps her make the idea of ​​studying birds close to reality a reality. The booth is a box, a macro lens and a feeder. The tiny camera is equipped with a motion sensor so that it is triggered as soon as a bird arrives. Every evening Lisa takes out her camera to view the numerous pictures taken during the day, and there can be up to 7 thousand of them!- Advertisement –

The birds regularly return to Lisa’s yard, and some of them fly so often that you can even recognize them in her rich gallery. Through the photo, you can feel the nature of the birds: from stupid to sad and pensive. Try to do it yourself.- Advertisement –

A shot that looks like crows have teeth😁

This couple always dines together:

And this one also sings:

Twins or a married couple?

Grace in movement:


Not by grains as one:

Caution Competitor!

Romantic dinner:

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