Cutest German Shepard Tries To Stomp On His Shadow

Who wouldn’t want to see the funniest and cutest dog try to stomp on his own shadow? In this video this dog clearly thinks that if he stomps hard enough on his own shadow, then the shadow will disappear.

This dog is clearly not the brightest dog out there! If I could have any dog though I’d want one just like this one. He would constantly keep me laughing and fully entertained all the time. Check out this video below to see this amazing German Shepherd try to destroy his own shadow.(Source)

Why Do Dogs Chase Shadows?

A lot of seemingly charming and cute canine behavior may have a not so pleasant root cause. If your sweet doggie possesses an obsessive shadow chasing habit, don’t dismiss it as being just a harmless little quirk. Shadow chasing in dogs often indicates something a bit more serious: a compulsion.

Shadow chasing is a classic example of a compulsive behavior in doggies. If your dog incessantly chases after her own shadowy figure all night, to the point that it disrupts her life and perhaps even yours, compulsion may be at fault.

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According to the ASPCA, compulsive behaviors such as shadow chasing can be so damaging that they can even prevent dogs from going to sleep. Compulsion may lead to extreme fatigue in canines.


Compulsive behavior such as shadow chasing usually arises out of stress and anxiety issues in dogs. A dog who is cooped up in a small, cramped room all hours of the day may turn to shadow chasing.

A dog who suffered extreme abuse in the past may also become compulsive. Whether due to intense household conflict or stress and loneliness due to a new baby’s arrival, a dog may resort to shadow chasing as a means of coping with life feeling out of control and uncertain. (Source)

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