Lovely footage shows majestic lion crouching down to meet his cub for the first time

It is clear that this is quite difficult to deal with newborn cubs. Everything is new to him, so he needs time to learn. Yet the lion we will see here cannot wait a moment to meet his little lion cub. This amazing video was made in Denver at the zoo and then shared on social media where it melted many people’s hearts.

At the end of the seventh month, on the 31st day of that month, this adorable lion was born and he weighed 12 kilograms. Since he was born, he has mostly stayed with his mother, so the authorities decided it was time for a new acquaintance. It was about meeting dad and son.

Jake Kubié, communications director at this zoo told for Bored Panda that this little lion has been hanging out with his parents very often lately at Predator Ridge at Denver Zoo. His first public appearance is expected soon.

Denver Zoo

Basically all the people from there are acquainted with the parents of this little lion, it’s time to meet him and his name too.

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