Lioness Decides Not To Kill Newborn Wildebeest

An Unexpected Thing: Baby Wildebeest Treats Lioness Like Mom

The Lioness has the baby Wildebeest right in front of it. The Lioness is touching it with it’s mouth and head, but there is no kill.

The baby Wildebeest, though, is too young to recognise the danger. It’s actually trying to get as close to her as it can and is almost trying to get milk. The Lioness appears to be as tolerant as it would have been with it’s own cubs.

It’s said that Lionesses quite often play with their prey, before killing it. But, this was definitely not the case.

There are some Hyenas nearby, but, they dare not attack because of the Lioness. She is actually showing motherly care towards the baby Wildebeest and has actually saved the baby from the Hyenas. (The baby Wildebeest and the Lioness were together for 8 hours.) Eventually, the Lioness spots other Wildebeest and these look more like prey and the Lioness moves off towards them.

The narrator names the baby Wildebeest ‘Survivor’, and Survivor is a baby girl. Amazingly, 24 hours later, the mother and baby are reunited. Survivor now gets it’s first feed of milk.


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