What A Hard Life: Guard Dog Gets Caught Sleeping On The Job (Video)

Guard Dog Gets Caught Sleeping On The Job, And No Amount Of Shame Will Move Him

 Dogs have been our species’ most reliable sidekicks, faithfully serving alongside generation after generation through thick and thin. Even today, canines’ loyalty to humanity remains incredible — even if sometimes they’d prefer to just kick back and chill in our hammocks than guard our homes.

In this infinitely charming video uploaded to YouTube, Brazilian João Carlos arrives home to find his supposedly intimidating Great Dane, Nilo, reneging on his guard dog duties to catch a few z’s out back.

“Now I’m going to show you something — the safest house on the planet,” says Carlos. “This is the dog, my private security guard, Nilo.”

“So, Nilo, everything calm here? Did you make your rounds? Huh? Good job,” Carlos says in the video. “A real security guard, armed to his teeth. Show your teeth, Nilo. Soon you’ll have your afternoon break, your coffee. What a hard life. A little swing in the hammock?”


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