Father, son rescue 3 deer from frozen lake in Albert Lea (Video)

After learning of a stranded deer on Albert Lea Lake last Sunday, a father-son duo set out to rescue the animal and ended up saving two of its friends as well.

Doug and James Kenison, owners of MedCity Hovercraft, sprung into action after seeing a photo on KAAL’s Facebook page of one of the deer resting on the ice. The pair took hovercrafts out on the ice where they found three helpless deer more than a quarter mile from shore.

“They weren’t actually stuck in the ice, it was just so slippery that they just couldn’t get their footing,” James Kennison told KAAL.

James and his father carefully tied rope around the midsections of the deer that had been stranded for days and used a hovercraft to drag them over the ice to the shoreline.

A video of the rescue shows one of the deer quickly run off into the woods while the other two struggled to regain their strength.

The hovercrafts, which travel on both land and water, are helpful this time of year when the lake is only partially frozen.

“They’re a good tool, especially in situations like this where the ice, you’re just not sure if it’s thick enough,” James said.

Doug Kenison also used a hovercraft to reach a stranded dog a couple years ago.


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