Tiny fox is saved by vets after it wedged its head in a bottle (Rescue Video)

This is the heartwarming moment a baby fox was cut free by rescuers after its head became stuck in a plastic bottle.

Animal rescuers were called after concerned residents in Eastbourne, East Sussex, found the seven week old cub running around with its head wedged in the tub. 

Members of the East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Animal Service (WRAS) searched for the animal, after local people showed them a video of the stricken animal.Two ambulances were also sent to the area to search for the young fox and as daylight appeared the rescuers continued to search the bushes in Woodgate Road.

Eventually, the cub was discovered when rescuers spotted a young fox after seeing movement in the bushes. Kathryn Martyn, partner of the WRAS founder, Trevor Weeks, said: ‘We didn’t want to give up, as we were concerned the cub might develop breathing problems and was probably already becoming hungry and dehydrated.

‘We knew the longer we left the fox the worse the condition of the cub would become. There was a chance the fox could be dead by morning.’ Whiile Mr Riddington added: ‘We used torches to help pin point where the cub was. 

‘Trevor was hidden in the darkness so the cub couldn’t see him and luckily it ran straight towards him where he was able to catch him in a net.’ The cub was placed in a carrier and taken back to WRAS’s veterinary ambulance to have the plastic container removed.

Mr Weeks added: ‘Luckily the wounds were not too serious and we hope it will be a quick recovery so the cub can get back to its mum.’ The fox cub is currently at WRAS’s Casualty Care Centre receiving treatment.


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