Elephant Gets Prosthetic Leg For The First Time

When Medo arrived at Elephant Nature Park she had a back and leg injury caused by a forced breeding injury in per past. But thanks to the team at the elephant sanctuary and the team at Gentle Giants she would get a special prosthetic leg.

Elephant Nature Park shared a video of the occasion and wrote: “Today is a special day for Medo, and ourselves. Medo has been given a prosthetic leg for the first time.”

The Elephant Nature Park reassures people that Medo has long adjusted from her past and lives “without many problems” despite her difficulties walking.

In the video, her caregivers say Medo is “embarrassed because it is not familiar. Every step she takes, the prosthetic leg supports her leg for more balance.” It also creates a better posture for her.

“We do not know yet if she will accept this or not, but we are doing our best to accommodate this new appendage to her experience of life.”

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