Goose’s Gentle Touch Turns Aggressive German Shepherd Into Playful Dog (PHOTOS)

A German Shepherd named Rex was so aggressive that his handlers debated putting him down before he came to Puriton Horse and Animal Rescue in Somerset, England eight years ago.

german shepherd

Over time and with training, Rex calmed down a bit, the Western Daily Press reported — but he wasn’t completely rehabilitated until three months ago, when he met a goose named Geraldine.

With Geraldine by his side, 11-year-old Rex went from dangerous to mellow, according to the Daily Press. Workers originally worried that he might hurt Geraldine, but instead he showered her with kisses.

“It’s so comical to see them,” Sheila Brislin, of the Rescue, told the paper, “because they love each other to bits.”

Puriton Horse and Animal Rescue takes in horses, dogs and other farm animals that need to find new homes, according to its website.

Before they took Rex in, he was found chained up in a scrapyard, SWNS reported. He’d also bitten handlers at a previous shelter. But the Rescue and Geraldine have changed his demeanor.

“At first we thought he was chasing her and they were fighting about who was boss, but she stood up for herself and that was that,” Brislin told SWNS. “They just fell for each other.”

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