Heroic Wolf Dog Saves Owner And Blind Horse From Frozen Lake

Biyou the dog sensed something was wrong.

Lisa and Calvin, a couple from Ohio, raise quarter horses on their farm.
They look after lots of animals on their farm, including Lisa’s dog Biyou, who is part wolf.

One winter, Lisa had to undergo surgery and was confined to her home to rest.

One day, when the horses were coming home from pasture, she noticed something that didn’t seem quite right.
Cass, a senior blind mare, was missing. Lisa had been with Cass since he was a foal and knew that this was very out of character.

The elderly horse had escaped and wandered off, and got trapped at the bottoms of a ravine after he tried to cross a frozen creek. The poor horse had fallen through the ice.

Lisa went out to look for Cass, despite the pain from her operation and the freezing temperature.

Just as she was about to give up looking, she called out one final time and the mare called back.

Lisa headed down to the ravine and attempted to grab Cass’ by the halter, but she fell through the ice as well.

The pair were in extreme danger in the freezing cold water. Lisa’s heart sank when it dawned on her that nobody would ever find her there.

She thought this was the end for her and Cass, but Biyou, her loyal wolf-dog, sensed something wasn’t right and when out looking for her.

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