Watch Two Grandmas Hysterically Take A Lamborghini For A Spin

Image Credit: Donut Media / YouTube

The Lamborghini has been a symbol of wealth and status for decades.

It is the car of entrepreneurs and celebrities.

But no one ever said two grannies couldn’t have one!

The two grandmas, Audrey and Peggy, got to drive a $200,000 car through the city streets for one day.

It would be an experience most of us would cherish and enjoy.

Peggy and Audrey were perfect choices for this because they are mighty firecrackers and they can’t stop cracking jokes while searching for the trunk!

Passerbys get teased and can’t help but stare at the two silver-haired ladies in the sporty car.

Peggy even encourages Audrey to flirt with some onlookers.

One gentleman asks if there is any room for him!

Watch the video below and enjoy the antics of these two ladies!

Take a look at this video

Could you imagine if they had their own TV show?! I can!

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