Soldier Comes Home To Cat Who Can’t Wait To Be Reunited With Dad

A long-waited but worthwhile reunion of a soldier and a Ragdoll kitty has made so many people burst into tears because of their heartwarming moment. No wonder it has been going viral from 2014 until now, with nearly 32 million views on Youtube.

So, what makes this video go viral?

Most of us have assumed that only dogs can greet their beloved humans in an exciting and hyperactive way. Cats are far less than that, we suppose. However, there was a fluffy Ragdoll cat named Finners who pioneered his way to conquer many souls, especially his human parents.

(h/t: thebestcatpage)

Watch the video here:

After a long time of being absent, Nick, a man who happened to be a soldier, came back home. In the video, he was in military gear, carrying some stuff from the trip of deployment. While Nick was walking toward the door, Finners the cat was meowing out loud as if he knew who was coming. Scientifically, cats are best at differentiating the scent of every human or animal.

By the time Nick the homecoming soldier slammed the door open, Finners kept meowing several times to ‘make sure’ that was his human dad. Then later, the cat suddenly leaped in his arms without hesitation. This is too adorable to handle!

“What’s going on buddy? It’s me.” – Nick started to scratch Finners’s neck.

If you listen to the video closely, you can hear Finners the cat was purring in happiness. The cat anticipated seeing his dad day by day, and his wish came true.

Nick’s girlfriend (now his wife) recorded this viral video to share with the world that cats are not aloof at all. In other words, cats are absolutely as affectionate as dogs, even more.

At the end of the video, Nick’s wife also recorded another kitty who seemed not to be surprised at his dad’s arrival, which made the video funnier. He was like: “Oh, you’re home, great.” According to Nick’s wife’s update, we learned that the blue point Siamese cat was both deaf and blind.

“Boo, the Blue Point Siamese, is 17 years old, both blind and deaf, and wonderful. She’s our Helen Keller kitty and irreplaceable! Finners the Ragdoll is 8.5 years old, and our best buddy! Pudding, our Siberian Forest Cat is nearing 2 years old. They’re all pretty much CatDogs.” – The woman updated on Youtube.

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