This Amazing Sand Artist Creates Animal Sculptures So Incredibly Detailed, They Almost Look Real!

One of the most admirable characteristics of artists is their ability to use anything as a medium. Andoni Bastarrika, a multimedia artist from the Basque Country of Spain found that sand is the best material to express his creativity. Although most of us are proud of ourselves after building sandcastles on the beach, Andoni defeated us with his magnificent sand sculptures.

His work focuses on creatures in the natural world, such as horses, bulls, and sharks. Andoni’s works look incredibly realistic, and anyone who sees them, especially those in the distance, will think they are real!.

When he took his two daughters on the beach, the artist first tried sand art in the summer of 2010. He made a sculpture of the little mermaid for them, and this is when he discovered his talent: the “liquidity” of his hands.

In a conversation with the boring panda, he said: “They know what they are doing. I am committed to developing this kind of gift and have been doing it for the past ten years.”

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