Gorilla Tends To Injured Bird In Heart-Melting Display Of Kindness

In a video that is making waves on the internet, a gentle gorilla appears to tend to an in.jured bird fallen on the ground

The gorilla showed kindness towards the injured bird in need.

The heartwarming video below shows the animal nudge the bird as if to check on it, writes kingdomstv.

This was before the adorable gorilla lay down next to the small creature to look at it eye to eye.

“That bird must be hurt”

In the foorage, the gorilla slowly approaches the still bird and lies down right next to it to get a closer look.

Gently, he touches the bird a few times. you can hear one observer saying it “looks like he’s trying to get it to go.”

The gorilla flinches a few times at the bird’s sudden movements, showing its receptiveness, all the while carefully trying to help the injured creature.

Giving the bird a boost, the gorilla uses its hand to push on the bird’s back as the bird attempts to get flying again.

“The gorilla walked away without ever harming it. It was amazing such a big animal could be so gentle.”

This heartfelt moment shows that animals really do not discriminate and demonstrates the emotional intelligence of the gorilla.

Gorillas true intelligence

Gorillas share more than 97% of their DNA with us human, so in addition to being the largest apes on the planet, they are also the closest primates to humans apart from chimps.

This video also highlights the gorillas capacity to express sympathy and its appreciation for another species that is not his own.

This is an important skill in such a world where we as humans seem to be negatively affecting the gorilla population which our activities.

Unfortunately, mountain gorillas are critically endangered, this is as a result of two human behaviors.

The first is mass deforestation which has resulted in severe habitat loss for gorillas and all animals of the rain forest. Every single day, 80,000 acres of the rainforest are destroyed due to industries such as agriculture and mining.

The second threat to the gorillas is poaching. Gorilla meat is unfortunately a popular industry and they need to be stopped.

Conservation efforts recently have led to some success in restoring the wild gorilla populations but as made clear from this photo, there is still lots to be done.

Originally appeared on kingdomstv.com

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