4 Huge Clydesdale Horses Join Forces And Drag Stuck Truck Out Of Snow (Video)

As we all know, horses get as a reference when it comes to power because they are one of the most powerful animals. However, the difference between horses of different breeds is quite evident as there are some breeds who are more powerful than some others, given their huge physical appearance as well. For qualities such as endurance, speed or power, there are different horse breeds who are superior for one of them or even have a mix of all of them.

However, our main focus regarding the video below is power. One of the strongest horse breeds that is very popular is the Belgian Draft. Some of the strongest horses in the world, for example, Petra is a Belgian Draft as well. It is common sense that this breed is really strong because you simply have to see the physical appearance of these horses which is also bigger compared to other horse breeds as well. So far, there is nothing new. What might be interesting for you is the fact that Clydesdales can also be as strong as well.

The breed is really popular from the Superbowl Commercial as it has been featured in a lot of them, however, this video is more of a real-life perspective on them which is quite different from what we have seen during the commercials. It seems as if the truck in this video slid off the road and became stuck in the ice. With the weather getting worse by the minute, it was only a matter of time before this truck would be stuck indefinitely.

It would take an eventual snowplow with road salt and a tow truck to get this behemoth unstuck. But luckily, there were some horses nearby. And when the man behind the reins told his four most powerful horses to pull, they managed to rip that huge tanker out of the ice with no real trouble. Well, the fact that they managed to pull a heavy truck with little effort tells a lot about their power, which is an added value for them and definitely something that is not praised enough on social media.

I am glad that the video below showcases it. Please make sure to watch it and share your thoughts.

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