Four-legged hero saves missing toddler

This is one amazing German Shepherd, who lives in Australia.

His name is Dasher. He became a hero when he was very young, more precisely when he was 7 months old.

Dasher was in the woods for over 14 hours during the storm, for only one reason.

That German Shepherd protected the child of his owners.

When Dante Berry, who was 2 at the time, left the family, a German shepherd named Dasher was the only one to figure it out.

Little Dante was everywhere, wandering everywhere, but fortunately he had his loyal friend who followed him all the time.

They were later lost far away in the woods, 3 miles from home.

It took Dante’s parents a long time to notice that he was gone.

When they finally noticed he was not there, they called the police and looked everywhere for him, but that night a storm began.

The traffic on the roads stopped, everything stopped. Consequently, the search was postponed until one fine day.

In the morning, 15 hours after they discovered they were missing a child, Dante and Dasher were found in the woods.

The small but very happy boy had no injuries.

Dasher is credited for this, he helped the little boy survive the storm, and saved him from all possible temptations.

In the photo shown, we see the reunion of mother and son.

Dante’s mother said she wasn’t surprised by Dasher, their German Shepherd, because he had always been that way.

He was and remained. A faithful defender.

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