Loving couples in the animal world, rabbits are by far the sweetest

We will never get bored of watching animals enjoy love. They do it so calmly, beautifully and truly, without false emotions, unlike humans. It is true that we can learn a lot from animals, and these are just some examples. In addition, it is nice to see them together in love. If you ask us, these are perhaps the most beautiful scenes we’ve seen lately.

Behind each pair of animals we will write you at least one interesting thing about that species.

Monkeys are mammals that belong to a group that includes about 200 species of animals called primates. These mammals have a relatively large brain, which makes them intelligent and faster in mastering the skill. Most primates live on trees.

Lions can develop a speed of 22.5 m / s, but only in short bursts due to lack of endurance. These are just big cats that live in packs, far away in Africa. Although they are huge and look scary, they also know how to behave like small domestic cats. Just to cuddle and socialize with them. A lot of times we’ve had the opportunity to see people hanging out and playing with big cats, i.e. lions, but it’s not just for everyone. People in the company of lions know what they are doing, they are trained for it, that is why they dare. This is just one of many pictures of lions in love.

Dogs hunt tails for several reasons: curiosity, exercise, illness, hunter instinct or because they have fleas. If your dog is constantly hunting for a tail, visit a veterinarian.

Rabbits have three eyelids. The third eyelid provides protection and moisture to the cornea (eye surface).

Squirrels can and must eat all the time, and most often look for nuts, seeds, mushrooms, blackberries and other juicy fruits, and sometimes they also prey on bird eggs. They eat almost a fifth of their time. Gray squirrels have a more varied diet than red ones, which should not be too fat because they climb more often than gray ones.

Cats sleep an average of 70 percent of the day. They are, we would say lazy and disobedient, and we are absolutely right. Research shows that cats understand us all, hear and understand all our commands, but they just don’t care about them. As much as it frustrates and drives us crazy, we can only laugh at them. Yet they are small, cute, interesting creatures that we often like to spend time with. And sometimes we just need to let them enjoy with their better half.

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