Tiny Rescue Pup Does The Sweetest Thing When She Sees Sleeping Baby

There is possibly nothing more endearing in this world than the sight of a cute baby of any species trying to experience the mundane wonders life has to offer.

Watching their bemused and delighted reactions to new sights, tastes, sounds and things reminds us all just how precious every little moment is and how we tend to take it all for granted.

The baby in this video seems to be doing what three-month old babies of all species do very well (enjoying nap time!). But the baby is hardly the star here. It’s Callie, his little three-month old puppy companion who really manages to steal the show.

This adorable duo likely enjoyed a lot of play time that day and Callie seems to be ready for a nap herself. What she does 1:46 seconds into this video just has to be seen to be believed. It’s possibly the most precious thing we have ever seen.

The fact that Callie was found tied to a fence outside this baby’s home makes this video even more endearing. There are some 70 million stray cats and dogs living on the streets in the United States that are just as adorable as Callie and desperately in need of loving homes. Of the six to eight million homeless animals that are brought into animal shelters a year, only a small fraction ever end up being adopted.


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