Natural Lavender Lemonade To Reduce Anxiety and Headaches

Lemonade is one of the most refreshing beverages that you can enjoy in the summer, or really anytime all year long. It’s easy to make and it can be tweaked in all sorts of ways.

Some people prefer theirs really sweet, others like it with lots of lemon slices, and some add in iced tea to make a half and half drink.

Now there is a new twist on the classic recipe which has people adding lavender to the mix. Doing this is a wonderful way to make your lemonade into a sort of health tonic. Lavender is not only a flower and a color, but also a fragrant herb that contains properties which help calm people’s nerves and senses.

Lavender essential oil has been used for centuries to help heal and relieve symptoms of common health problems. Not only does it detoxify and relieve stress, it has also been attributed with anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antispasmodic properties as well.

It works naturally to help you relax by lowering blood pressure, pulse rates, and reducing overall feelings of anxiety. Beyond these known health properties are the many other medicinal benefits that lavender has been linked to, including headache, sinus, pain and even hangover relief.

The easiest way to harness all the healing power of lavender is to drink it up in a tasty beverage. That way you can both smell and ingest it for your body to further use to its benefit.

All that you need is some quality lavender essential oil and lemonade. Homemade style lemonade made from scratch is the best way to go about this.

Take a couple of lemons and cut them in half. Squeeze the juice out of them over a bowl or pitcher and remove any seeds if you’d rather not drink them.

Add in some filtered water, a few drops of lavender essential oil, and a bit of honey, then mix them all together well.

You can adjust the amounts of any or all the ingredients to your liking and add in some ice for a delicious, chilled beverage.

Instead of reaching for a glass of wine to help you relax and wind down after a long day, drink to your health and try this all natural, homemade, health tonic. It may just be the perfect drink for your needs right now.

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