What Your Native American Zodiac Symbols Really Means

For most Native American people, the animals are of high importance to living and spirituality.

Our star knowledge teachings have told us to be pitiful and humble because “human beings” are the one thing that the earth can live without.

But if we woke up this morning and:

  • The flying creatures were gone, we would perish
  • If the insects were gone, we would perish
  • If the water creatures were gone, we would perish
  • If the four legged creatures were gone, we would perish

There is such a delicate balance of interconnectedness of all thing and our people have known that everything has a spirit.

So with that knowledge we will focus on the animals associated with birth months through the zodiac of Native American Tribes.

The Native American people believe that the time of year that a person is born into will have great effect on that person’s personal characteristics.

The zodiacs are also represented by animals.

Find out below what your Native American Birth Sign is and the meaning behind the animal that you represent from your birthdate.

January 20th – February 18th – The Otter 

native american zodiac symbols

Your way of thinking is different and independent, but for most people you come off as very easy to understand. You may rebel at times because you are known for doing things in unconventional ways. Because of this, the way the Otter chooses his methods is not always the first selected method of doing things.

This may be a mistake at times because usually the Otter’s unconventional methods can be a very exceptional way to get things done. The Otter has an unusual viewpoint, but is very gifted in the unique way it can see the big picture.

You are very imaginative and intelligent in that regard. This helps you to see solutions in problems that no one else sees because of your intuitive and perceptive imagination.

The Otter makes a really great friend, will pay a great deal of attention, be very supportive, your very brave, and truthful.

Under some situations the Otter can also be a rebel loner, can be lewd and unscrupulous.

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February 19th – March 20th – The Wolf 

native american zodiac symbols

The Wolf is full of emotion and passion and that has become your hallmark along with great wisdom and a member of the pack.

When it comes to your heart and philosophy, you are most attuned and you fully understand the emotional needs of the people around you. With this knowledge you are perfectly willing to provide the love needed.

The sign of the Wolf also is one of the most independent of all the signs which really does contrast the Wolf’s ability to love. You want and seek true independence, yet you want to provide love and the gentle acceptance of others. This sign brings out the unique sensation of “The Lone Wolf”.

The Wolf is full of passion and ready to give so much of itself in a deeply and loving way that is most gentle.

Under some situations the Wolf can be adamant, obsessive, ruthless and somewhat impractical at times.

The Wolf, under some circumstances, can be adamant, obsessive, have a ruthless streak, and somewhat impractical. 

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March 21st – April 19th – The Falcon 

native american zodiac symbols

The Falcon is a powerful animal that carries the attributes of leadership, and having a very sharp mind when it comes to making critical decisions during very tense situations.

A pragmatic being, the Falcon isn’t into wasting unnecessary time and will always be focused at the task at hand.

The Falcon is always ready to seize the opportunity which makes it very suited for team playing or sports. You are always ready to voice your opinion confidently, but from this can come off as a braggart. Most time’s you are right in your opinion.

Out of all the signs, the Falcon is not matched in Fieriness. Sometimes though may lack patience, can come off as being rude, vain, and touchy.

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April 20th – May 20th – The Beaver 

native american zodiac symbols

When it comes to situations, the Beaver loves to take the lead and be in charge. The beaver can adapt to all situations very easily and is flexible.

The Beaver is always efficiency tempered and you wouldn’t notice because of the pose and businesslike attributes.

These traits help the Beaver get things done when other cannot. Under this sign, the Beaver is someone to never underestimate as you are wise and very cunning individual. As a beaver you are very sharp thinking and bright.

Even though you got a lot going for you at times the Beaver can be very stubborn when it comes to views as the proper procedure for doing things.

Although you can be typically right in these circumstances, it would be very beneficial to be a little more tact.

Beaver’s can be very helpful, generous, compassionate, and loyal.

On the other hand it can be nervous, stubborn, tad possessive, and cowardly.

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May 21st – June 20th – The Deer 

native american zodiac symbols

The Native American symbol that represents the creative influence.

The Deer has a very great sense of humour that can make anyone around them feel happy and full of laughter. Always willing to have great conversation which makes you a very great talker and person to hang out with.

As a deer you can very easily become the life of the party because you are witty, inspiring, and affable. Becoming very aware of your surroundings is a key trait that you carry. Personal appearance is something that is important to you as you keen in on even the littlest details.

The deer can come off somewhat conceited and a bit self-absorbed. Although this is usually forgiven because the Deer is at most times very easy to get along with.

The deer has successful relationships because it is so lively and nurturing in its’ personality.

On the other hand the Deer can be lazy, have double standards, and can be a bit moody.

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June 21st through July 21st – The Woodpecker 

native american zodiac symbols

If you are born under the sign of the Woodpecker, than within you is a very empathetic and understanding nature. You have a very open ear to listen to people and with that makes you a good nurturer.

No other sign with the Native American Zodiac is more supportive than the Woodpecker. This makes the Woodpecker become amazing parents, friends, and partners in ventures.

At times it can be frugal but you can rely on them because of the innate ability to organize. You can expect the woodpecker to be very inclined in romance because you are dedicated and caring.

The one thing you have to be aware of from the woodpecker is that it can be prone to anger, very possessive and become jealous.

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July 22nd through August 21st – The Salmon 

native american zodiac symbols

The calling card of creativity is that of the Salmon. The ability to be prone to intuitiveness, show somewhat of enhanced energy, and is very expressly focused.

You love to motivate others because you are very confident. The enthusiasm that the Salmon carries is entirely un-curbable which makes you very infectious.

Others tend to very easily get along with the Salmon even when it seems like it is a lost cause. Because of your intelligence, intuitiveness, and generous nature, you have attracted many friends to yourself.

You will find it very easy to find compatriots for the quests you decide to embark on because of your drive for purpose and goal achievement.

The good traits in relationships of the Salmon is that you are very giving, sensual, calm, and stable.

The not so good traits are that the Salmon can be vulgar, biased, and egocentric.

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August 22nd – September 21st – The Bear 

native american zodiac symbols

The Stoic bear is very practical when it comes to achieving goals.

The Bears carries a level head and steady arm and can help friends in almost any situation. The symbol pairs very well with the sign Owl because of your generosity and giving nature.

The style of the Bear is full with humility and humbleness but also can be very shy.

Very patience and great temperance, the Bear is still able to provide unconditional love and generosity.

The patience that you carry makes you very good in teaching where you thrive in educational settings.

The downside is at times can be skeptics, lazy, and reserved in some circumstances.

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September 22nd – October 22nd – The Raven 

native american zodiac symbols

The Raven tends to move naturally towards the independent nature of entrepreneurship and charm.

The Raven has a very easy type of energy that those who are surrounding you will rely on, especially when it comes to your ideas. This symbol is very calculated in the way you think and can be quite the idealist.

When the circumstances are positive the Raven is very romantic, soft spoken, and easy going.

You can expect the Raven to be intuitive and patient when it comes to relationships with others.

The balance is that the Raven can be inconsistent, rub others in a wrong way, can be vindictive, and also selfish.

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October 23rd – November 22nd – The Snake 

native american zodiac symbols

The Snake is a spiritual sign and is closely tied to the world of the spirit. Since this sign is linked to the spiritual world, the Snake is attuned to the ethereal.

This makes healing come very natural to the Snake. If you are under this Zodiac, expect to excel in healing arts such as the medical field.

From this spiritual link people may become frightened of you because you come off very mysterious and at times mistaken for evil.

That results in having an inclination for secrecy even though you are very caring and sensitive.

What stands out is your humour, the way you help others and your ability to inspire those around you.

In situations that call for it, we can expect despondency, violence, and volatility from the Snake.

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November 23rd – December 21st – The Owl 

native american zodiac symbols

The Owl is very easy to going to change and can adapt to any situation it is against. It is very easy going which makes the Owl very friendly to all with it’s natural and warm energy.

The Owl will tend to grab life by the horns and has a great love for adventure and exploring. This can sometimes put the Owl in dangerous situations because it can be inconsiderate, prone to recklessness, and at times careless.

This sign excels in the fields of teaching, conservation, art but can adapt to any vocation.

In relationships the Owl will be a very great listener, show sensitivity, and will show a much willing and passionate personality.

When the times become more difficult, this can bring out the attributes of being invariably overindulgent, aggressive, and somewhat bitter.

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December 22nd through January 19th – The Goose 

native american zodiac symbols

If you are born under the sign of the Goose there are two main attributes that come with it which is perseverance and doggedness.

Friends know to reach out to you when something really needs to be done. Key defining characteristics of the Goose is ambition and typically will achieve their ambitions that they set out for.

The drive to succeed does not come from outside sources but from the spirit. What keeps the Goose moving is the inner drive and the unique ability to persevere in situations others would quit.

There is no stopping the Goose, especially when it has the support of friends and family.

In relationships the Goose can show their sensual and passionate sides and can be affable.

On the other hand, the Goose can be succumb to addiction and be obsessive which can be a downfall to those under this sign.

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