Owner of this dog had no idea her pet would become human sized

People usually like as few dogs as possible. Little creatures are known to be much sweeter, although this is not always the case. They don’t need a big place to sleep and are easy to maintain.

In this story we bring you a case where a big beast grew out of a little cute puppy. Something happened that no one expected.

2 years ago in England, Nina Eiling decided to take a puppy from a dog shelter. She liked him so much, she didn’t think long. He was only a few weeks old at the time, and she believed it would remain roughly the same in size.

After a while, the puppy started to grow and grow…

Now it looks like this.

She soon got used to living with him, but taking the dog outside became an attraction. People don’t see such a big dog every day, so they often call Nina and ask her everything.

But we believe that she managed, and that it became normal for her. Nothing can surprise her anymore, since she got a beast the size of a man from a small puppy.

The two of them have become inseparable, and they attract attention everywhere. That became completely normal for them. Although this beast looks scary, it actually has a very big heart and loves to cuddle, it is very cuddly.

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