She bought a bald cat, and then something amazing happened

One social media user decided to show everyone what kind of cat she has. A year ago she looked completely different, and now… Completely unexpected!

Ekaterina Kempirova wanted to buy a cat without hair, so she searched the internet for purchase ads. When she finally found a good ad, seeing that it was the cat she wanted, she bought it.

This type of cat has many virtues, which is why Ekaterina probably decided to buy it.

The cat looked like this:

But after a year, that cat completely changed its appearance. Soon her thick gray hair began to grow. Given that, Ekaterina’s wish was not exactly fulfilled, but we believe that she still loved it.

This is what she looks like now:

Also, check out a video posted by the cat’s owner.

The Sphinx is perhaps the most famous cat without hair. A mutation has occurred several times that has led to cats like this. This happened after the 19th century. The first such cat is considered to be the 1966 cat. He did not reproduce.

These cats are easily recognizable by their seemingly hairless skin. They strongly feel the heat and cold, they need to be nurtured and kept in the house on a regular basis. Curious, smart and cheerful. They are always very close with the owner.

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