The aardwolf, perhaps the cutest animal you’ve probably never heard of

Probably a lot of people have never heard of this animal, but it’s really cute, isn’t it?

They have similarities to hyenas because they are from the same family.

They live deep underground in some parts of Africa.

They do not create their own place to live, but look for abandoned places.

In spring, summer and autumn they live at night, and in winter they live during the day.

Once they find a partner, there is a high probability that they will be with them for the rest of their lives.

They use their tongues, which are very long and sticky, to catch termites.

Whether it’s a cub or an adult aardwolf, they’re all really adorable.

Adults don’t grow very big either.

Image sources are: Arkive, Hennie van Heerden, Ohange Namibia Lodge, Daryl Balfour, Nigel J Dennis, Cincinnati zoo, Animals-Safaris, Gerard Lacz.

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