Five years of this golden retriever’s life wasted in a tiny, muddy pen

The Humane Society International has set out to close its 15th dog meat farm in South Korea, reaching a milestone of 2,000 dogs rescued from the horrific practice, writes ilovemydogsomuch

And in this group of dogs was a golden retriever named Chewbacca, who had to live in a muddy pen for the first five years of his life Life.

Despite all the neglect and abuse, Chewbacca was so friendly and just happy to see these people. His life had prevented him from being physically or mentally stimulated over the years, but he was lucky he wasn’t among the slaughtered dogs yet. And today was the day he would be set free!

The golden retriever was eventually adopted by Jeffrey Flocken, HSI President. Chewbacca is now healed from his painful past and living the life he always deserved while surrounded by a family that loves him so much!

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