Orphaned raccoon rescued by family with dogs now thinks he’s a dog too

The girl was named Pamkin and she gets along well with family members and their pets.

Washing brooks and dog. Source: storyfox.com

Rosie Kemp discovered a baby raccoon near her house about a year ago that had apparently fallen from a tree. It was all alone, so Rosie and her daughter Laura brought the baby home. The baby was named Pamkin. The orphaned raccoon quickly recovered, settled down and stayed with its rescuers.

Wash Creek. Source: storyfox.com

Laura says that her raccoon girl quickly found a common language with her family and the two dogs that live at home. She goes everywhere with them and has generally started acting like a dog! Pamkin loves to play, she is very affectionate and gentle, but if she doesn’t like something she growls to show her displeasure.

Washbays and dog. Source: storyfox.com

This is how the tame raccoon Rosie found with a broken leg in the backyard looks now.

Pumkin can pet and growl, but she is respectful of family members and her four-legged friends

Washbays and dog. Source: storyfox.com

Taking care of her is not the easiest task, but very gratifying

Rumpkin is a very smart puppy and also incredibly emotional, so you never get bored with her!

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