This footage of a seagull sitting on top of another one during flight has gone viral

It’s common to see Seagulls along coastlines all over the world – normally you see them flying high over your head or relaxing their wings on a perch.
But what isn’t normal is to see a seagull doing both at one go.

An incredible video has gone viral lately, showing exactly that.
In the clip you can witness a seagull literally sitting on top of another one in flight – chilling there like a commuter who knows that he can reach his destination without doing anything.

But the reason could be another than one could think at first sight.

No way!
— Buitengebieden (@buitengebieden_) April 24, 2021

Peter Rock, who is a urban gull expert, has been asked to explain this seagull’s behavior. For a wonder this behavior after years of observing gulls is even a new one for him. Peter says that he had never seen such a behavior before, but he finds it amusing.
Peter can’t certainly tell what’s happening in this clip, but he has a quite certain guess about what the riding gull is up to, if the video is really genuine:

He then explained that this is the position which the seagulls adopt for mating, he furthermore made a joke calling this performance the mile high club.


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