A poor defenseless puppy was in genuine danger of being burned alive, but luckily the rescuers heard him whining and got the tiny fuzzy out on time safe and sound.

The Bakersfield Fire Department, which is in California, got a call that there was a dumpster fire which needed assistance. At that moment they had no idea, that their assistance would rescue the live of a tiny puppy.

When Engine Company 6’s Paul Alvarado came to the scene, he witnessed a bush that was on fire and when he then approached, he heard an odd whining coming from the bush. It was the cries of a helpless one-week-old puppy. 

The fireman stated that their service must be provided to all kind of being. On Facebook he was praised as a hero for rescuing the miserable puppy. They named the tiny fuzzy Fuego, which is Spanish for fire – a very suitable name if you ask us. The pup then received therapy at a local animal shelter. Pet Matchmaker Rescue examined the puppy and ascertained that he wasn’t older than a week when he got rescued.

© Screenshot/YouTube CBS Los Angeles

When the pup unfortunately got into the burning bush scene, he was separated from his family. The firemen are sure that their mom tried to get all the babies out and flee with them, but she couldn’t manage to do that since Fuego was underneath the burning bush.

Fuego is now in foster care for the next few weeks, since he is way too young and little and without a mother. He furthermore needs a lot of attention because of the treatment for his burns.

After the firefighters rescued him, they fed him and made sure that he felt comfortable. 

When he’s old enough and also in good health, meaning in a few months, he will be put up for adoption.

As we saw on Pet Matchmakers’ Facebook page, Fuego is integrating well at foster care. He loves resting and eating. And luckily he also has other foster dogs to play with: a Doberman litter of puppies was rescued about the same time as little Fuego. 

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