Adorable Footage Shows Baby Monkey Playing With Tiger Cub

This adorable video of a little monkey and a tiger will make you very happy. They are located in a Chinese zoo and are very interconnected, so people filmed them playing.

In northern China, in the province of Hebei, in Hengshui Park, which is home to many wild animals, an amazing shot was taken. She soon got a lot of reviews on Douyin, thanks to Ben Jin, the macaque and September, the cute little tiger. Ben Jin is 4 months old, while September is 3 months old. They have a lot in common, let’s say they both love adventures and are playful.

The guardians also adore this inseparable duo, so they allow them to be together more than usual. Here we can see a little monkey, still wearing diapers, playing on his best friend’s back. Despite the fact that there are more monkeys with them in a certain area, they are still next to each other.

The park manager, Dai, told MailOnline that during the first encounters, this little monkey was afraid of the tiger, but that is now behind them.

Enjoy the recording of their playing.

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