This Chef Claims Everyone Carves Their Turkey the Wrong Way, and This Method Will Make You Agree

Food is the center of many celebrations. There is nothing like sitting around a good meal together with your family and friends to celebrate festivities or happy occasions. Fall is right around the corner now, and there are so many festivities coming too. Thanksgiving is a few months away now. You can’t imagine Thanksgiving without a nice turkey on the table. Sadly, many people still aren’t confident with carving their turkey. If you’re in doubt as well, look no further, as the chef in the following video shows how it’s done.

Meet Mark Dommen. He is a chef-partner at San Francisco’s One Market Restaurant. In this informative video, he is here to teach everyone tips and tricks on how to carve a turkey the proper way. The chef patiently advises viewers against wrong turkey carving techniques that are quite common. If you aren’t satisfied with the way you’re carving turkeys, this video is for you.

According to the chef, you should not use a dull knife while carving. This might be quite obvious, as dull knives don’t give the sharp edges to your meat. While carving the turkey might be the climax of the dinner, he advises against carving it in front of everyone, as the nerves can make you mess up. Start with the legs, then take off the breast meat in one cut. You can store the remaining meat for later, and also use the carcass to make stock.

Carving turkeys shouldn’t be as intimidating as you think it is. If you follow these simple rules, then your dinner party will definitely be a success!

Check out the full video below:

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