10 Adorable Pets Who Were Publicly Shamed For Behaving badly

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9. I think a little cat-shaming is acceptable here

Credits: norwegianpuddycat

Lambert went on to say that a happy dog is one that has been trained, and he encouraged owners who are having trouble with their dogs’ behavior to seek help from a trainer.

“Anxious dogs tend to pant more and appear more thirsty than usual or be uninterested in their food. Other signs can include excessive yawning, licking, or curling its lips, an inability to settle, and other noticeable behavior changes,” he added.

“Prevention is always better than cure. However, if your dog is displaying anxious or frightened behavior try to act and behave as normal, keeping calm, happy, and cheerful and if they come to you for comfort, make sure you give it to them. However, if they do retreat, make sure to allow them their space.”

10. Pete, on the other hand, wasn’t such a good boy today.

Credits: cshel718

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