10 Adorable Pets Who Were Publicly Shamed For Behaving badly

We adore our dogs, but they can be really devious and naughty at times. When your ferrets ‘accidentally’ order a phone from Amazon, for instance.

Or when your pups make a mess by eating toilet paper and jigsaw pieces (when you were so close to completing it!).

Owners of disobedient pets are humiliating them by posting images of them with posters indicating their “crimes.”

We’ve compiled a list of the greatest photos, so scroll down, enjoy, and don’t forget to upvote your favorites.

Dear Pandas, we’re sure you’ve got some stories about your dogs getting into mischief as well—we’d love to hear them in the comments! Bill Lambert, Head of Health and Welfare at The Kennel Club, spoke with Bored Panda about pet shaming, dog discipline, and positive reinforcement. Continue reading for the rest of the interview.

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1. There Are Two Types Of Doggos

Credits: hugoandursula

2. He Even Looks Proud

Credits: codylab

3. This is a note I left for my husband

Credits: plant_doctor

“We all love seeing dog pictures and videos on the internet, especially ones that show off their unique characters but we must remember that most behavior problems can often be a sign of something else, such as separation anxiety, fear, or simply being unsure of how to deal with a situation,” Lambert added.

“We are also not sure that dogs actually feel ‘shame’ or embarrassment in the same way that we do.”

“The way that a dog acts will often reflect the tone of voice that’s being used to talk to it and it’s highly unlikely that it will associate past behaviors with what is happening right now. It’s very easy for us humans to misinterpret a dog’s emotions and behaviors,” he added.

4. I just thought it would be nice to have some company for my mother

Credits: darrelthebarncat

5. I Remember When My Father Decided To Make Home Improvements That I Didn’t Like

Credits: gsdzelda

6. True Story

Credits: idahocowgirl5

My husband and I went out to the garage to feed our black lab thus leaving the ferrets to their own devices. After a short time we returned to the following:
1. Someone had opened one of my husband’s Harbor Freight emails and searched for item number “1q”””smffmnnnn”. There were no results.
2. Wesley (on the left) had ordered a Samsung Galaxy S4 for $180 using the ever so convenient Amazon one-click option.
3. Ryan (right) turned off the power strip which supplied the laptop, phone charger, ferret litter box ventilation fans, and the internet, but not before Wesley’s purchase went through.
This is a true story. We canceled the order. We weren’t really sure what to put in the explanation box.

Many future difficulties can be avoided, according to the Kennel Club’s Head of Health and Welfare, if animals are given a variety of beneficial new experiences as early as possible.

“With older dogs, you may need help from a specialist trainer such as the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme or with a Kennel Club Accredited Instructor.”

Lambert believes that positive reinforcement may be used to discipline dogs without embarrassing them.

“As the owner, you should take every opportunity to praise your dog for good manners, and instead of punishing them, divert them away from undesirable behavior, as this will reinforce the correct behavior.”

“It is unfair and also counterproductive to punish them for something after the incident has taken place as they don’t know what they are being punished for. If you do catch your dog doing something that it shouldn’t, interrupt them and then distract them with a toy or a game and then praise them once they have stopped and are settled,” he added.

7. Dingleberry, she screamed.

Credits: Shibaru-in-a-Subaru

8. Hamburger Thief

Credits: Aspyr99

9. I think a little cat-shaming is acceptable here

Credits: norwegianpuddycat

Lambert went on to say that a happy dog is one that has been trained, and he encouraged owners who are having trouble with their dogs’ behavior to seek help from a trainer.

“Anxious dogs tend to pant more and appear more thirsty than usual or be uninterested in their food. Other signs can include excessive yawning, licking, or curling its lips, an inability to settle, and other noticeable behavior changes,” he added.

“Prevention is always better than cure. However, if your dog is displaying anxious or frightened behavior try to act and behave as normal, keeping calm, happy, and cheerful and if they come to you for comfort, make sure you give it to them. However, if they do retreat, make sure to allow them their space.”

10. Pete, on the other hand, wasn’t such a good boy today.

Credits: cshel718

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