Cute Video Of Horses Go Swimming Together And Start Blowing Bubbles In The Water

You all know that horses, similar to humans, like swimming in the water, especially during a hot summer day. The two horses in the video below like to do the same. So far there’s nothing unusual about this video, but what makes it interesting is that they are trying to make this experience as interesting as they can, so they started blowing bubbles in the water.

Not only did they get a reprieve from the pesky flies, but the water helped to release the weight of standing on their legs all day. But perhaps the best perk of all was getting to blow bubbles, which, as the horses quickly discovered, is so much fun.

Yep, that’s right — the goofy horses love to dunk their heads just under the water’s surface and blow bubbles like little kids! This is for sure something that we rarely get to see. The video itself is so beautiful and also the music playing in the background matches the whole atmosphere. 

I would like you all to go and watch the video below and let us know if you had similar experiences with your horses. If yes, please make sure to drop the video in the comment section so our whole community can enjoy it.

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