Wedding Photoshoot Gets Messy When Bride And Horse Decide To Go Swimming

Getting ready for a wedding will always be an exciting day for anyone involved. But anyone who has ever had to go through with the planning stages will easily understand just how hard it is! There’s so much planning that goes into a wedding that for the bride and groom it can seem more like a job than a celebration.

But when the special day finally arrives? It’s time to let loose and has some fun! With all the searching for the perfect wedding cake, wedding dress, wedding venue, wedding dance, wedding photographer, wedding rings, and tuxedo, some couples spend enough money on their credit cards that they could get a new car loan, pay off the down payment for their home mortgage, or even pay off a student loan.

But by the end, it all seems worth it simply because it’s so memorable! So when Sue Allegretta decided she wanted to cap her special day off with some adorable pictures of her and her bridesmaid riding their horses in the water, everyone loved the extra touch when she turned their horses into magical unicorns. But it turns out that Sue’s horse gets a bit excited when he steps into the water, and that’s when things went hysterically wrong.

While for some people this would ruin their wedding day, Sue has a good sense of humor, and will probably end up being happy this happened. This memorable moment will be a silly talking point with her friends and husband for years to come! Check out the cute photos below if you love weddings, horses, and laughing!

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