Wolf rescuer wins the trust of her wolves by feeding them mouth to mouth. (Video)

Wolf Woman: Amazing story of a wolf rescuer who feeds them mouth to mouth.

Tonya Littlewolf has rescued wolves all her life. At a sanctuary in the empty California desert, she looks after 14 majestic wolves which have been rescued from breeders. 

Yet, as she cares for the creatures, even feeding them mouth-to-mouth, Tonya questions whether these wolves would be better off in the wild. Wolf Mountain is a beautiful portrait of Tonya that explores her spiritual connection with the serene and misunderstood animals. 

wolf rescuer

Wolf Mountain Sanctuary is located in Lucerne Valley, California, and is run by the amazing Tonya Littlewolf and her dedicated volunteers. Do visit! It’s one of the few wolf sanctuaries in the United States where you can spend time with wolves face to face. 
Visit www.wolfmountain.com

It is a life-altering experience to be in the presence of these beautiful, misunderstood animals and is captured perfectly in this short film. 

Directed and Produced by: Dan Duran, Brendan Nahmias, Sam Price-Waldman


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  1. Steve Powell says:

    Never got to visit the Wolf Sanctuary when I lived in California. Tonya is an amazing person.

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