Mischievous Seal Breaks Out Of Enclosure And Accidentally Creates The Best New Look


Palmier was found on a beach in Kent, England, weak and underweight. He was taken in by the RSPCA Mallydams Wood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, which realized thanks to a tag on his flipper that he’d been in a rehabilitation center before when he was a very young pup. This meant that Palmier already knew the drill — but it didn’t mean he was happy about it, writes thedodo.

“He knew the deal and was very feisty and grumpy with us,” Ash Peters, a wildlife assistant at the RSPCA Mallydams Wood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, told The Dodo.


The staff at the center made sure that Palmier was getting all of the food and medication he needed to get his weight up and get him strong enough to return to the wild again. Palmier was grateful for all the care, but decided he was bored of being in his enclosure — so he came up with a fun new game that consisted of constantly trying to escape.

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