Parents Warning About Popcorn Goes Viral After Their Son Was Admitted Into Surgery

With popcorn cooking in the microwave, Nicole Goddard and her husband took a seat on their couch.

Mrs. Doubtfire was the movie they anticipated enjoying with their three children that night, so they waited for the show to begin.

All was well up until the time their little boy, who was 2 ½ years old at the time, let out a chocking noise.

As the child’s father was about to do the Heimlich maneuver on his son, Nash resumed breathing.

The child expelled no popcorn during the procedure, so Nicole and her husband assumed their son was out of the woods.

They figured he swallowed the popcorn and he was out of danger.

The boy was not out of danger yet, however. Late in the evening he began to cough.

Since it was winter and the family had been fighting off colds, Nicole figured Nash was getting sick.

Days later, the boy developed a fever and was having trouble breathing. Without delay, he was taken to the hospital by his parents.

Soon, pneumonia started to develop as a result of a lot of inflammation in one of child’s lungs.

Mr. and Mrs. Goddard were told Nash required surgery because he inhaled popcorn a few days ago.

In an effort to warn other moms and dads about the problem Nicole recently experienced, this loving mother gives you her story to read.

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