Google is working on an AI tool that can write news articles.

Google is working on an artificial intelligence tool that can generate captions and headlines for news publishers, and how the technology could soon change the journalism industry, the company said.

According to CNN, Telegraph follows, the tech giant said in a statement that it is looking to collaborate with media outlets to use the AI tool in their newsrooms.

“Our goal is to empower journalists to use these new technologies in ways that improve their work and productivity,” said a Google spokesperson, “just as we provide tools for people in Gmail and Google Docs.”

The effort was first reported by The New York Times, which said the project was internally called Genesis and was named by The Times, the Washington Post and News Corp, which owns the Wall Street Journal.

Google’s announcement does not name those media companies. however, said that the company is focusing on “Mažosios leydyklas” specifically

She added that the project is not intended to replace journalists or “Their essential role … in reporting, drafting and fact-checking.”

The new tool comes as tech companies, including Google, race to develop and implement new AI features in the workplace. It promises to simplify tasks and make employees more productive.

However, these measures, developed using online data, also raise concerns. due to the possibility of presenting false facts or a “hallucinogenic” response

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